Submit Torque Data

To send some data, please use a spreadsheet and create 5 columns.

data, value nm, value ftlbs, additional tightening info, notes

Send a message via this form and I will reply with my email address to send it to me after which I will import it.

Data formatting and wording for a submitted CSV file.

data value

This is the item specifically being tightened.  This must allow identification of the specific nut and bolt.  Some components have two or more bolt types securing them, maybe some M8 and M10.  it is important to identify which the setting refers to.

Value in Nm

Ft Lbs
Converted value in Ft Lbs.  This is Nm divided by 1.356. Formatted to 2 decimal places.  This column can be left out if you wish, I can add it.

additional tightening info
This is important for some bolts, such as head bolts which require turning a specific number of degrees after reaching a torque setting.  If this is the case, add it here.

Any additional notes. such as ‘always use new bolts’ or even information on the tightening sequence.  

All ideas welcome.